7 reasons why it is important to focus on a passion after an emotionally painful experience

The feeling of intense enthusiasm towards something is usually lost when relationally hurt by someone you love. When abused or rejected, a person may lose themselves and find it difficult to love something. As you embark on the journey to rebuild your self-worth after a painful experience, it is important to focus on your passion which can range from an interest to an admiration of an idea. What do you love doing? What makes you uniquely you?

7 reasons why it is important to focus on a passion in rebuilding your self esteem

1. It keeps your mind occupied
The last thing you would want to do or focus on is the replaying of the painful experience you went through. It is important you keep your mind focused on something you love to do, to avoid an idle mind. There is something invaluable about finding a passion in life, dedicating time to it and watching yourself improve and grow in it.  This keeps your mind occupied and makes you use your time in a more valuable way.
2. Having a passion creates discipline
You might have developed a wrong addiction when you were betrayed, rejected or abused just to alleviate the pain. Now that you are healing and moving forward, focusing on a passion will help you see yourself improve and grow in the things that make you grow in a positive way.
3. A passion is uniquely YOU. Finding a passion, gives you something that is for you and no one can take that away from you. Too many times we let our jobs and relationships dictate how we spend our free time, however finding a passion gives you something that is uniquely you.  A passion that you have come to love for you and nobody else is extremely vital to taking care of yourself and owning your individuality.

4. A passion is yours for a lifetime
Your passion can only be limited by you and you alone. No one can take it away from you unless you allow it. The passion defines your uniqueness and is for a lifetime.
5. A passion gives you the drive and fuel to move on
Having a passion for something helps you find yourself. When you find something you genuinely love to do, it will always make you feel good when you do it. You will not need money or instant gratification in order for it to have value. Searching for your passion, is a soul searching experience, because it will bring out something you care about, something that brings you joy and something you will make a part of who you are.
6. Helps you grow in confidence
Focusing on your passion helps you grow in confidence of who you are and what you are capable of. Passion helps you reach your self -actualisation by driving you to push your limits and create ideas and opportunities that can make a difference in other people’s lives.
7. Your passion may have a positive impact on other people’s lives
Your passion has a positive impact on other people as it helps people and could be a solution to other people’s problems. You might have a passion in sports; this may inspire other people to live healthy. A passion in singing may soothe other people who need music, a passion in baking may help other people in eating delicious food, a passion in reading may enhance your knowledge and help other people learn, a passion in sales, may help other people purchase what you offer. Whatever your passion is, aim to make a positive impact with it.



After losing yourself, because of the pain you went through during abuse, or betrayal, you might find it difficult to know what you really love to do. It can be frustrating when people advise you to follow your passion especially if you have gone through a lot of emotional pain. After changing the way you think and surrounding yourself with positive thinking people, the following tips will help you find your passion:-

Tip 1:- Look for evidence of things you love to do
This could stretch from as early as childhood. What did you love to do and what came to you naturally. Think of the peak moments in your life. Make a list of lifetime experiences that truly mattered to you and excited you.

Tip 2:- Follow your curiosity
If you find yourself curious about something, that could your passion. For example Steve Jobs curiosity for Typefaces, led him to venture into the smart phone industry. What would you like to find out more about? What would you like to resolve? The answer to the questions may be your passion.
Tip 3:- Ask yourself what would you do for a long time and never get bored
Something that you would want to do for the next 10 or 20 years without getting bored, is probably your passion. If you find yourself spending so much time doing something without anyone nagging you into doing it, and at the same time you are enjoying yourself, then that is your passion.
Tip 4:- What would you work for without expecting money in return as a primary goal
Your passion drives you not the money you get. You may focus on your passion for a period of time without expecting anything in return and still enjoy doing it.
Tip 5:- Imagination
When you wake up each morning and prepare for the day, what do you picture yourself doing in the long run? When you daydream, what do you see yourself doing? What you visualise doing most of the time is probably your passion.
Tip 6:- Make enquiries
Find out from your friends and loved ones what they think you are good at. Other people’s views especially from your positive thinking friends has significant impact in helping you find your passion especially if you are struggling to do so on your own.
Tip 7:- Research, learn and practice
In finding your passion, it is important for you to research on what you think you are good at, develop the skill by learning and practice, practice and practice until you are the best in what you do. Never quit trying no matter what.


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The difference between a successful person and an ordinary person is in the passion. Passion can be turned into a successful business by following the steps below:-
STEP 1:- Find out who you want to help with your passion

Who does your passion help? What problem are your resolving with your passion? The answers to the two questions, then creates your niche market. For example; is your passion singing, look for audiences who would love to listen to your music? What type of people would listen to your music? Which age group would you target? What type of music would you offer? And the list goes on for any passion
STEP 2:- Research and know more about your passion and the niche market you are targeting
Research more about your passion, develop it into and a skill and keep learning new ways of improving your passion. At the same time learn about the people you want to help. Find out ways of how to help them in a cost efficient manner. Create ways of improving their lives with your passion and in exchange they will pay for the solutions you offer. For example you might have a passion in baking, research on healthy ways to bake and cook. The world is quickly becoming health conscious and if you offer baking dishes that offer more health benefits in exchange for value, you are in business.
STEP 3:- Test the waters
As you start, it is good you test what you the response of the market with a few people who are able to positively criticize you and help you improve. This could be your friends, family or colleagues. It could also be your community. The feedback you get will help you improve and better deliver what you do best.
STEP 4:- Leap and Go for it!
You have tested the market and people have responded positively, it’s time you fly. Do not be afraid to start. You can also start your sales via social media which is the fatsest way of growing your sales. Click here to find out how you can use social media to grow your business.Remember to always grow in your passion and keep trying, even if you may not gain revenue in the short run, do not give up especially if you love doing it, this will be your fuel to keep at it.

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In a world where anyone, anywhere can be your customer through digitization, a passion can be done and created into an online business. My passion to help people rebuild their lives after painful experiences was turned into an online entity. This was made possible through using the same simple steps listed above and joining an online marketing community that helped me learn more on website design and content. Today I am a successful entreprenuer who helps people around the world to become better individuals by firstly loving themselves and growing in confidence. You can also turn your passion into an online business by joining the Wealthy Affiliate community for FREE and you will learn a step by step process of turning your passion into an online business.


Focusing on a passion not only keeps your mind occupied but it also helps you build confidence and grow into knowing who you are. You love yourself better in the process and attract other people and help them with what you can uniquely offer. Your passion can be turned into a business and also help you earn revenue in the process.

If you have any views, comments or questions, please feel free to share at the bottom, and I will be more than happy to respond.

If you want to share your experience or hear other people’s experiences, please join our community of people around the world who have gone through emotionally painful experiences and are in the process of developing new beauty from the pain for FREE, by signing up HERE.






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  • Hello Elizabeth, thanks for sharing this blog with us. I am currently working on making my business successful within the sneaker niche. I have many other hobbies and passions I also like to turn into a profitable business. But until then, I will stay focus on one niche for right now. Thanks again, and continue to work hard for the prize!!!

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