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After  rejection or betrayal, your health habits can change and one of the areas adversely impacted from the relational stress besides your eating habits and sleeping habits is the exercise routine. It is a general rule of thumb that exercising improves your health and reduces the risk of developing diseases. Exercising also improves your quality of life in general. However, when you are in emotional pain because you have been betrayed or rejected, you either stop exercising altogether or you excessively exercise and it becomes an addiction to alleviate the pain. As you are working to rebuild your self- worth after the emotional pain you went through to make you a better, more confident person, it is very important you focus on your exercise routine.


  • It keeps your heart strong
  • It increases your mental health and boosts your positive mood. You generally feel better
  • It makes your brain function better as it makes you more alert
  • Physical exercising is a natural pain reliever , when in mental stress
  • It helps reduce the risk of a number  chronic diseases that include prostate cancer, breast cancer , colon cancer and type 2 diabetes

7 Signs that show your exercising routine has turned into an addiction

Exercising can turn into an addiction when you go through a stressful and painful period of your life. After changing the way you think and making a conscious decision to move on it is vital that you identify whether your exercise routine has turned into an addiction, and start physically exercising right. Below are the signs that indicate you are exercising excessively:-

  • Continue to exercise even when injured or the body is aching:- If you find yourself punishing your body by continuing to exercise even when your body is aching and you in pain; you have probably turned your exercise routine into an addiction.
  • Excessive focus on calories being burnt: – The constant obsession on calories being burnt every time you go for an exercise is a sign that the exercise routine is now excessive. Exercising should be a lifestyle that you enjoy so that you live healthy. If it then becomes an obsession to keep your calories in check it is an addiction.
  • Avoid social gatherings and other aspects in life to exercise: – If physical exercise becomes a priority above everything that matters in your life, then it has turned into an addiction. In such scenarios you can even exercise beyond the recommended exercising time, and it can cause more harm than good.
  • You feel guilty and depressed if you do not exercise: – If you feel depressed and guilty because you did not exercise on a particular day, then you have probably idolised the physical exercise routine and you are addicted to the exercising.
  •  Defining your self-worth based on exercising and fitness: – Your self –esteem or self-worth should not be defined by what you do or how you look, but rather be based on what you believe inside and how you think. Exercising only contributes in boosting the self worth and not determining your self- worth. If exercising and fitness is the determinant of your self- worth, it can turn into an obsession and result in excessive physical exercising.
  • Not taking rest and recovery days between workouts: – Health experts recommend that the body is supposed to rest and one should have recovery days between workouts. The rest is required so that your muscles and broken tissues that might have taken place during work outs recover and repair. Failure to adhere to this rest period can cause more damage than harm.
  • Exercising in unsafe conditions: – If you find yourself exercising even in unsafe conditions, for example when the weather is not permissible, this could be an addiction. If you find yourself putting your life in danger because you want to exercise, this is a sign that indicates you are addicted to exercising and measures should be put in place to rectify this addiction, because excessive exercising poses the following health risks.

The danger of excessive exercising and steps to put the routine back on track

Research suggests that excessive exercise can wipe out the many benefits of exercise. Extreme exercises can result in excessive exertion which can cause short term changes in the heart and arteries. If the extreme exercises are repeated over a period of time, this can increase irregular heartbeats and serious heart conditions in the future.

  • After a period of excessive physical exercising due to stress caused by emotional pain, it is important you start exercising right and live a healthy lifestyle. The first step is to refrain from exercise for a period of time to regain a balanced lifestyle.
  • During the period when you are resting, seek counselling from a professional, especially if you are finding it very difficult to break the exercising addiction.
  • As you focus on going back on track, look for an exercising physiologist or specialist to assist you in determining a healthy workout schedule. Click here to find very good healthy workout schedules that will assist you exercise right.


Rule 1:- Continuous physical exercising should be limited to between 30 to 150 minutes per exercise session to avoid straining the heart. Going beyond the 150 minutes can cause catabolism and muscle breakdown.

Rule 2:- Have one day rest between workouts which will help your body recover.

Rule 3:- You must have at least 150 minutes per week of light exercise activity like walking or swimming, and 75 minutes per week of vigorous Aerobic activity.

Rule 4:- Incorporate strength training at least twice a week for all major muscle groups. Aim to a single set of exercise using weights heavy enough to tire your muscles after 12 to 15 repetitions.

Rule 5:- If you are overweight according to the BMI, click here to embark on exercise that helps you lose your weight and put your healthy life style back on track.

If you cannot exercise for too long like 30 minutes you can cut the exercises to a few minutes. What is important is making regular physical activity part of your lifestyle.

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Physical exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, however stress from an emotional painful experience like rejection or betrayal can result in the neglecting of exercising or excessive exercising to ease the hurt you will be going through. However now that you are changing the way you think and focusing on rebuilding your self- worth, it is important to start exercising right which will contribute to a healthy lifestyle. More sources on good exercising programmes can be found below.

If you have any questions of comments, kindly leave them below and I will be more than happy to respond.

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