Mind Movies 4.0 Review- Can this software re-program your mind to think positively?


Mind Movies 4.0 – Founder Natalie Ledwell

Product Description: – A software that trains your brain to pull your wildest dream into reality

Product Price: – Currently offer at 50% discount – $97 one -time payment or split into two payments of USD58.99 x 2

Guarantee: – 60 days 100% money back – No questions asked


Over the years I was taught the importance of changing the way I think and focusing on the positive. However because of the bad experiences I went through my mind was programmed to always anticipate the worst. I then learnt of the importance of changing the way I think in order to rebuild my self-esteem, but to me it was all theory and I found it very difficult to change the way think and focus on the positive because I just did not know how. This was until I came across the Mind Movies solution which was derived from the movie “The secret”.

The Scientific background of Mind Movies 4.0

I am one person who loves dealing with facts. So before I purchase a product, I always want to find out the basis of creating such a product or service, so that I can make an informed decision. The explanation I got in coming up with this product made me realise, this is a legitimate and is a solution that bridges the gap between the conscious levels (what we know we must do) and the subconscious level (the fuel that helps us achieve what we dream of). You see, our brains have a small component called the Reticular Activating System (RAS)  located at the top of the spinal column and extends upwards, about two inches. This part of the brain is the size of our little finger and the diameter is about the size of a pencil. All sensory nerves except the smell (which goes straight to the brains emotional centre) are wired directly to this RAS.

The main function of the RAS is to act as a gateway to the brain by sifting information that needs to go into the conscious part of the brain. The RAS plays a significant role in the sensory information you perceive daily. Imagine you are walking in a busy subway and all of a sudden you hear your name being called. The subway has thousands of people, and it is very noisy. What helps you hear your name in such a hype of activity is the RAS. It helps you select information from the environment and send signals of relevant information to your brain. From the vast sensory information you come across every minute, the RAS chooses the information that is relevant to you and information that you should focus on. In simple terms, the RAS works in your favour, it gives you what you want and sifts out what you do not want. The RAS works hand in hand with your belief system and what you focus on repeatedly.
Let me give you another example. Imagine a board in front of you with different bright colours, and you are told by someone to notice the yellow colour ONLY. The RAS will help you ignore the other colours and focus on the yellow colour only. The founder of Mind Movies realised how powerful this part of the brain is that if trained well it can be used to select and draw what you desire in your life. The founder also discovered that the RAS can be controlled on what needs to be focused on through repetitive thoughts. I like the quote she uses:” Where focus goes, energy flows and results show”.

Is it worth it the try? How does Mind Movies help?

Now we know the RAS can be trained to focus on what we choose. However you might still be asking where does the Mind Movies software come in?”
“Mind Movies is a multi-sensory technology that simplifies and streamlines your process of personal growth…
Allowing you to spark DEEP inner transformation, as easily as pressing PLAY on a video”.
The software offered by Mind Movies is a powerful tool that is used to reprogram your RAS through the following ways:-
1) Positive Present Tense Affirmations.
The software allows you to put positive present tense affirmations that you need to repeatedly play to yourself every single day. The affirmations speak straight to your subconscious mind. The affirmations may include “I am happy”, “I am worth it”, “I can do it”, and “I can help others”. Putting these positive present tense affirmations that you want to manifest in reality, is one of the tools used in this software.

2) Spontaneous Visualisation
I believe in the power of visual aids and another powerful tool used by the Mind movies software is the ability for you to create pictures of what you want to achieve. Visualization is the practice of training your subconscious mind to ‘see’ certain scenarios and outcomes that you want to bring into your reality. Literally you live it before it becomes a reality. Visual aids played repeatedly every day are very handy in helping the RAS focus on the life you would want to live. The software allows you to upload pictures of your own choice if you would like to.

3) Emotional Auditory Stimulation
The music you listen to contributes significantly to your emotional mood or feeling. Music has a way of either arousing good feelings or soothing your mind. The software comes with pre loaded music. However the beauty about this software is it allows you to upload music of your own choice.

In a nutshell, Mind Movies 4.0 allows you to combine the 3 techniques above into a single powerful tool. In addition the 3 minute video that you create can be played repeatedly every day and this is key to winning because results you get in life are a reflection of what you play repeatedly in your mind. If you have achieved certain goals in your life, you can always reprogram the 3 minute videos and upload other goals and dreams you want to achieve.

So the question is does the Mind Movie 4.0 really work? – My opinion

From experience and research on how the product works, I believe the Mind Movie really works in reprogramming your mind because of the following facts:-

1. It is a great tool that helps replace bad thoughts with good positive affirmations. I had emotionally painful experiences in my life and my mind was programmed to think negatively especially in areas to do with relationships, money and life. My negative thoughts attracted negative energy around my life, and that was the power of the RAS that sifted my brain not to see the good around me. However when I came across this powerful tool, the RAS can be reprogrammed and negative thoughts can be replaced with positive present tense affirmations.

2. I noticed the visualisation technique is a great tool to help you see where you want to go, aim for it and focus on things around that help achieve the goals. I used to see myself as unlovable, unworthy and as such my behaviour was skewed towards those thoughts. However with the help of visualisation I saw myself as a loving person, who wants to help and because of that my mind focuses on walking in love by first loving myself and also loving and helping others around me.

3. The software is web based and can be used on any gadget, be it a laptop, a smart phone or tablet. I find this quite handy. I can always use the software anywhere (where there is internet connectivity) and this is so convenient. If I will be travelling to a place with no internet connectivity, I can always download the videos and play them offline.

4. In line with point 1, I am one person who loves practical solutions, (I am the “how do you do it “type of person). To me, it is not good enough to just tell me to do this or do that, without telling me how to do it. Hence I found Mind Movies as a good practical tool on how to change my negative thinking to positive thinking which is the foundation of positive behaviour. As the founder of Mind Movies said, “Where focus goes, energy flows and results show”. This is so true, when I changed my mind set to a positive one, the energy around me changed, I started focusing on positive things and before long the results started showing as my relationships improved, my income increased and I felt happy.

5. The Mindset Movies does not create a fantasy that makes you lazy rather it re-programs the RAS to identify information and opportunities around you that you can tap into and achieve the desired goals.
However there is a downside to the software
The product does not work for everyone. The basis of this working in your life is based on what you believe. If you do not believe it will work for you, it simply won’t. If you cannot picture yourself succeeding, it might be difficult to succeed with this product. However to mitigate this Mind Movies team has a very good support team that will help and if you are not satisfied , there is a 100% money back , no questions asked guarantee.


I struggled with negative thoughts which resulted in me attracting negative energy, the software was the right practical tool to change my mind set. Mind Movies 4.0 online creation kit basically allows you to create short, powerful movies filled with uplifting images and videos, positive present-tense  affirmations, emotionally inspiring music and super-charged subliminal audio tracks of what you want to happen in reality. After creating powerful visualization tool, you are then advised to watch their movie for just a few minutes a day. And when you do, you will manifest your goals and desires into your life quickly and easily.

Just to show that this is a powerful tool, you are offered a 100% money back guarantee after 60 days if it the product does not work for you. In addition you are offered 4 incredible bonus packages worth over USD1, 000 for FREE that you can keep even if you return the Mind Movies 4.0 software. You also receive full time support from the team when you need it.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop them at the bottom of this post.

Click here to learn more about mind movies.

Thank you!

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